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Seller: Top-Rated Seller rare-book-collections (19,524) 99.7%, Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123486817594 THE BRITISH COINS& NUMISMATICSCOLLECTION~~~~~~~~ A truly unique and wonderful collection of 200 rare, out-of-print books compiled together for the first time on DVD DATA DISC covering all aspects of BRITISH COINS, TOKENS & NUMISMATICS. INCLUDES A FREE 2ND DVD CONTAINING A BONUS COLLECTION OF OVER 600 DOCUMENTS AND ARTICLES RELATING TO ANCIENT BRITISH COINS, COIN HOARDS & METAL DETECTION DISCOVERIES! From the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings right through to the Tudors and modern times, this collection of vintage literature contains a wealth of information on the history of coins throughout the ages across the British Isles and even into the colonies. This is an absolute must for anyone with an interest in numismatics, coin collecting, token collecting and even medal collecting. It will also provide a valuable database of information for metal detecting enthusiasts and hunters of coin hoards. Some of the books contained within this collection are extremely hard-to-find and will provide a substantial library of reference material. The full list of titles included speaks for itself…. This superb compilation of 200 vintage books and documents on DVD data disc provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous photos / illustrations for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop or computer, or transfer to tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages. This is without doubt the most extensive collection of its kind - compiled over time by rare-book-collections, and only available here! The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows: A Cabinet Of Roman Imperial Large Brass Medals - W. H. Smyth (1834)A catalogue of English coins in the British museum. Anglo-Saxon series Vols. 1 & 2 (1887)A catalogue of English coins in the British Museum. The Norman kings - Vols. 1 & 2 (1916)A Catalogue of Greek, Roman and English coins, medallions and medals by C. Cock (1742)A Celtic Miscellany - D. F. Allen (unknown date)A Collection Of Roman Coins At Eton College - F. J. Thackeray (1882)A Counting House Dictionary - R. Bithell (unknown date)A Dictionary Of Numismatic Names - A. R. Frey (1917)A guide to English pattern coins in gold, silver, copper, and pewter - from Edward I. to Victoria, with their value - G. F. Crowther (1887)A guide to the coins of Great Britain & Ireland, in gold, silver, and copper, from the earliest period to the present time, with their value (1888)A guide to the English medals exhibited in the King's Library (1881)A history of currency in the British colonies - R. Chalmers (1893)A manual of Gold and silver coins of all nations - J. R. Eckfeldt (1842)A Numismatic Manual Of Greek, Roman & English Coins - J. Y. Akerman (1890)A Remarkable Celtic Coin From Canterbury - D. F. Allen (unknown date)A Short Account of Scotish Money & Coins - unknown author (1817)A Short History Of Coins & Currency - J. Murray (1903)A short history of coins and currency in two parts (1902)A Supplement To The Coinage of Scotland - J. Lindsay (1859)A table of English silver coins from the Norman conquest to the present time with their weights, intrinsic values, and some remarks upon the several pieces (1745)A treatise on the coins of the realm, in a letter to the King (1805)A vindication of the Celtic inscriptions on Gaulish and British coins (1862)An account of some rare and unpublished ancient British coins - J. Evans (1860)An Assemblage of Coins - S. Pegge (1772)Ancient British Coins Inscribed DIAS Or DEAS - P. Carlyon-Britton (unknown date)Ancient Cambridgeshire ... with a record of the places where Roman coins and other remains have been found - C. Babington (1883)Ancient Gaulish Coins (Inc the Channel Islands) - B. Roth (unknown date)Anglesey & Wales Token Coinage - R. Dalton (1915)Anglo-French Illustrations Of Coinage - unknown author (1830)Anglo-Gallic Coins In The British Museum - unknown author (1826)Annals of the Coinage of Britain Vols. 1 - 5 - R. Ruding (1819)Annals of the Coinage of Britain Vols. 1 - 2 - R. Ruding (1840)Antique & Counterfeit Coins Essay - M. Beauvais (1818)Aspects of Iron Age Coinages of Northern East Anglia Vols. 1 & 2 - A. Chadburn (2006)Australasian Tokens - A. Andrews (1921)Birmingham Copper Coins & Tokens - unknown author (1796)Britain & Ireland Provincial Coins, Tokens & Medalets - J. Conder (1798)Britain, Ireland & Colonies Silver Tokens - W. Boyne (1866)British 19th Century Token Coinage - W. J. Davis (1904)British Colonies, A History Of Currency - R. Chalmers (1893)British Currency Decimalised & Imperialised - W. W. Hardwick (1915)British Empire Coins & Tokens Of The Colonies - J. Atkins (1889)British Empire Coins & Tokens of the Possessions & Colonies - J. Atkins (1889)British Tokens & Coins 1600-1912 - unknown author (1918)Cambridge Coins, Tokens & Medals - W. G. Searle (1871)Catalogue Of A Yale College Coin Cabinet - unknown author (1863)Catalogue Of Antique Medieval & Modern Coins, Medals & Jetons - W. Strobridge (1874)Celtic Coinage & Society In Britain & GaulCeltic Coinage in Britain (article)Celtic Coins From The Romano-British Temple At Harlow - D. Allen (unknown date)Celtic Inscriptions On Gaulish & British Coins - B. Poste (1862)Celtic Inscriptions On Gaulish & British Coins - B. Poste (1890)Classical Dictionary Coin Weights & Measures - T. Smith (1833)Coin Inscriptions & the Origin of Writing in Pre-Roman Britain - J. Williams (unknown date)Coin Types Thier Origin & Development - G. MacDonald (1904)Coinage & Currency of the Belgic Tribes during the Gallic War - S. Scheers (unknown date)Coinage & the Settlements of Corieltauvi in East Midland Britain - J. May (unknown date)Coins & Medals, Thier Places In History & Art - S. Lane-Poole (1892)Coins Of Great Britain & Ireland - H. A. Grueber (1899)Coins Of The Ancient Britons - J. Evans (1864)Coins of the Crusaders - unknown author and publication dateCoins Of The Roman Republic In The British Museum Vols. 1 & 2 - H. A. Grueber (1910)Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, described and illustrated (1844)Collection Of Coins & Medals Formed By Charles Butler (1911)Derbyshire Tokens - W. H. Brockett (1857)Dudley Tradesmens Tokens - M. Perkins (1903)Durham & Northumberland Tokens - W. H. Brockett (1851)Englands Striking History, Englands Hammered Silver Coinage - unknown author and dateEnglish Coins & Tokens - L. Jewwitt (1886)English Gold & Silver Money - W. Fleetwood (1745)English seals (1906)English Sovereign & The Symbolism Of the Closed Crown - P. Grierson (unknown date)Evolution Of Portraiture On Silver English Pennies - W. AndrewFinds Of Clippings From Silver Coins - B. RothFive Roman Gold Medallions, Multiple Solidi Of The Late Empire - A. Baldwin (1921)Gold Coins of England - R. L. Kenyon (1884)Grains & Grammes - unknown author (1920)Guide To The Coins Of Great Britain & Ireland - W. S. Thorburn (1888)Guide To The Study & Arrangement Of English Coins H. W. Henfrey (1870)Handbook of the coins of Great Britain and Ireland in the British Museum (1899)Historical Collection Of Coins & Medals - G. E. Hart (1888)Historical References On Roman Empire Coins (Augustus-Gallienus) - E. A. Sydenham (1917)Historical Roman Coins - G. F. Hill (1909)History Of Monetary Systems - A. Del Mar (1895)Introduction To The Study Of Ancient & Modern Coins - J. Y. Akerman (1848)Ireland, A View Of The Coinage - J. Lindsay (1839)Ireland, The Coins Of The Danish Kings - B. Roth (1910)Irish Antiquities, Anglo-Irish Coin Collection - G. Coffey (1911)Irish Coins & Currency Of Foreign Monies In Ireland - J. Simon (1749)Irish Coins of Edward IV - A. Smith (1840)Irish Coins of Henry VII - A. Smith (1840)Irish Copper, Tin, & Pewter Coinage 1460-1826 - P. Nelson (1905)Leeds Provincial Copper Coins & Tokens - S. Birchall (1796)London Tokens In 1648-1672 - J. Y. Akerman (1849)London Traders, Tavern & Coffee House Tokens - J. H. Burn (1855)Medallic History Of Imperial Rome Vols. 1 & 2 - W. Cooke (1781)Medals, coins, great seals, and other works of Thomas Simon - G. Vertue (1780)Numismatic Narrative Portions Of The New Testiment (1846)Numismatics In The Study Of Ancient History (1865)Oxford silver pennies from A.D.925-A.D.1272 (1904)Paper Currency & Banking - unknown author (1857)Rare & Unedited Roman Coins Vols. 1 & 2 - J. Y. Akerman (1834)Records Of Roman History On Roman Coins Vols. 1 & 2 - F. Hobler (1860)Records of the Coinage of Scotland Vols. 1 & 2 - R. W. Cochran-Patrick (1876)Report Containing An Essay Of The Silver Coins - unknwon author (1695)Roman Coin Catalogue Vols. 1 - 8 - H. Cohen (1884) (French text)Roman Coins Collected -T. Kerrich (1852)Roman Coins Elementary Manual - F. Gnecchi (1903)Roman Coins From The Earliest Times To Augustus - G. F. Hill (1909)Roman Coins In The British Museum - H. Grueber (unknown date)Roman Coins Manual - unknown author (1865)Roman Coins Relating To Britain - J. Y. Akerman (1844)Roman Denarius & The English Silver Penny Essay - W. Till (1838)Roman Mint & Early Britain - W. Ogden (unknown date)Roman Monetary System Vols. 1 & 2 - unknown author (1819)Roman Numismatics Handbook - F. W. Madden (1861)Roman Silver Coins In The Library Of Trinity College - unknown author (1839)Scotish Coinage, William The Lion To The Union - A. de Cardonnel (1786)Scotland and Ireland A Century of Progress in Coinage Studies - J. D. Bateson (unknown date)Scottish Coin Collectors - L. Stewartby (unknown date)Scottish Coinage in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century - L. Stewartby (unknown date)Scottish Coins Elvet Moor, Lumphanan & Drumnadrochit - Finds of late 14th-century - J. MurrayScottish copper Crux pellit coinage - A typological analysisScottish Recoinage of 1707-1709 and its Aftermath - A. Murray (unknown date)Seals (1920)Silver Coins of England - E. Hawkins (1841)Silver pound and England's monetary policy since the Restoration; together with The history of the guinea (1887)Some feudal lords and their seals, MCCCJ (1904)Some Rare & Unpublished Ancient British Coins - J. Evans (1860)Suffolk Token Coinage - C. Golding (1868)Tables Of Ancient Coins, Weights & Measures - C. Arbuthnot (1728)The 18th Century Tokens - J. Atkins (1892)The Bank Of England Token Money - M. Phillips (18--)The Booksellers & Bookmakers 18th Century Tokens - W. Longman (1916)The Cabinet of the Marquess of Ailesbury and the Penny of Hywel Dda - C. Blunt (unknown date)The coin book, comprising a history of coinage - I. S. Homans (1872)The coin collector's manual Vols. 1 & 2 - H. N. Humphreys (1853)The Coin Types Of Imperial Rome - F. Gnecchi (1908)The Coinage of Scotland Vols. 1 - 3 - E. Burns (1887)The coinage of the British Empire - H. N. Humphreys (1861)The coins and tokens of the possessions and colonies of the British empire (1889)The Coins Of Cunobelin - S. Pegge (1766)The coins of the ancient Britons (1864)The Decimal System In Numbers, Coins & Accounts - J. Bowring (1854)The Evolution Of Coinage - G. MacDonald (1916)The Gold Coinage Controversy - unknown author (1869)The gold coins of England, arranged and described being a sequel to Mr. Hawkins' Silver coins of England (1884)The Gold, Silver & Copper Coins Of England - H. N. Humphreys (1849)The Life & Works of William Wyom, Engraver At The Royal Mint - N. Carlisle (1837)The Lindsay Carnegie Collection at the National Museums of Scotland - N. Holmes (unknown date)The Medallic History Of Oliver Cromwell - H. W. Henfrey (1877)The Metric System Of Weights & Measures, Decimal Coinage - E. Anthony (1904)The Murdoch Collection of Coins & Medals (1904)The Provincial Coinage of the 18th Century - R. Dalton (1910)The Regulating Silver Coin - unknown author (1696)The Roman Denari Was Never Larger Than Seven In An Once - W. Smith (1724)The Roman mint and early Britain (1912)The Silver Coins Of England - E. Hawkins (1841)The Silver Token Coinage - R. Dalton (1922)The Story Of The Bank Of England - H. Warren (1903)The Story Of The British Coinage - G. Rawlings (1903)The System Of Metallic Currency - W. H. Morrison (1837)The Token Coinage Of William Wood - P. Nelson (1903)The tradesmen's tokens of the eighteenth century - J. Atkins (1892)The Twelve Caesars, Coins & Medals, Julius-Domitian - R. Morris (1877)Three British Gold Coins Found Near Abingdon 1899 - B. Roth (1899)Tokens & Medals Of Canada - A. Sandham (1869)Tokens of the eighteenth century - W. Longman (1916)Tracts and other publications on metallic and paper currency (1857)Treatise On Coins, Currency & Banking - H. N. Sealy (1858)Treatise On The Coins Of The Realm - Charles, 1st Earl of Liverpool (1880)Two Dissertations Upon The Mint & Coins - M. Noble (1880)Various Spink's Coin Auction Catalogues (2005-2009)View of the money system of England, from the Conquest; with proposals for establishing a secure and equable credit currency (1828)Warwickshire Token Coinage - W. J. Davis (1895)Yorkshire Tokens 16th-18th Century - W. Boyne (1858) The Free 2nd DVD contains the following: Additional Coin & Numismatic Works – 105 articles & documentsCoin Hoards & Discoveries – 115 articles & documentsMedieval Coins – 99 articles & documentsSaxon & Viking Coins – 154 articles & documentsTradesmens Tokens – 46 articles & documentsTudor Coins & Onwards – 94 articles & documents THAT’S OVER 600 FREE ADDITIONAL WORKS & DOCUMENTS – A HUGE VIRTUAL LIBRARY! An absolute must for any coin or token collector, any metal detecting enthusiast or anyone with an interest in the history of coinage and numismatics around the British Isles – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price! Quick Delivery – Free postage within the UK! All of the files are hi-resolution scans presented in pdf format, easy to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any modern Kindle / ebook reader that can read pdf files. All files can be printed or transferred between devices. For some devices you may need to convert the pdf files. A free program called Calibre can be used to do this and can be included on the DVD if requested. Please note that this is a data DVD disc that will contain all of the books, documents and material listed in this auction. It will work in a laptop or computer (including MAC) but will NOT work on a normal DVD player, X-Box or audio CD player. ** Main photo is for illustration purposes only – other photos are example pages from the books included on the disc ** Please check our other items for lots more rare specialist book collections! 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Files have been randomly watermarked with links to our ebay store to prevent resale. rare-book-collections - “providing the world access to collections of specialist rare, antique and out-of-print books, in modern formats, allowing them to be read anytime, anywhere” This unique compilation and its listing have been created by ‘rare-book-collections', all rights reserved © Free auction templates courtesy of AuctionInsights Type: Coins, Medals & Tokens

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